Disinfectants range

Cleaning and disinfection products for hands, surfaces and for pools treatment.


Hygiene and safety

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of hands and surfaces is indispensable to create health and safety conditions, in every professional field.

In particularly sensitive contexts, such as the food industry, healthcare companies, offices, but also home environments and areas subject to HACCP regimes, the need to adopt effective disinfection measures is crucial to prevent the spread of pathogens and to complete the cleansing process by eliminating viruses, fungi and bacteria.


Professional disinfection products

We are proud to present our new range of disinfecting products, a significant step forward in the field of hand and surface cleaning and disinfection as well as swimming pool water treatment.

From 2022 we are an Authorised Plant for the production of liquid and powdered products as Surgical Medical Devices (PMC Decree No. 23/2022).

All our products are duly registered by the Ministry of Health, a guarantee of the highest quality and safety that has always distinguished our brand.


Killing fungi, viruses and bacteria

Discover our lines and choose the formulation and method that best suits your needs!

Hands product line:

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial disinfectant soaps, ready to use
  • Bactericidal disinfectants for undamaged, ready to use

Surfaces product line:

  • Liquid detergent disinfectants for hard surfaces, ready to use
  • Liquid detergent disinfectants for hard surfaces, concentrated
  • Multi-purpose disinfectants tablets

Pools product line:

  • Disinfectants tablets for swimming pool water (TRICHLOROISOCYANURIC ACID)
  • Granular disinfectants for swimming pool water (DICHLOROISOCYANURATE DIHYDRATE and TRICHLOROISOCYANURIC ACID)
  • Disinfectant powders for poolside and attached premises (CHLORAMINE-T)


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